Fidget Controller Pad with 8 Functions

I remember always fidgeting with game controllers.  There are so many fidgets on them: from the joystick to the different textured buttons.  The Fidget Controller Pad from Special Supplies is a pocket-sized fidget that helps relieve stress in adults and children.

fidget controller pad 8 functions

The lightweight, compact fidget is small enough to carry in your pocket.  Or the built-in lanyard allows you to attach the fidget to your keys, bags, and more.  The Fidget Controller Pad is made of “high-quality rubberized plastic.”  Additionally, the anti-skidding and frosting skin coat “will make you feel more comfortable.”

The Fidget Controller Pad features 8 different fidgets:
  1. SPIN: spin the round dial
  2. ROCKER: have fun rocking the joystick back and forth
  3. BREATHE: “repeated use of the fingers and surface friction, can effectively relieve pressure and worry”
  4. FLIP: flip the switch like a light switch
  5. ROLL: have fun spinning the gears
  6. CLICK: there are 4 buttons to click: 2 of them make noise, 2 are silent so you can click them anywhere, anytime
  7. SHIFT: “toggle the paddles and the paddles will reset”
  8. MASSAGE: massage your finger by rolling the massage roller
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