Tock the Learning Clock

Learning how to tell time can be challenging.  Learning Resources offers a fun toy that makes learning how to tell time fun.  Tock the Learning Clock is an adorable robot clock featuring both analog hour and minute hands, as well as a digital display.

tock the learning clock learning resources

Tock supports two time-teaching modes:

  1. Musical Fun Mode: Tock rewards children for correctly setting the hour and minute hands by playing snippets of fun, dance-ready tunes
  2. Question Mode: Tock asks children to match the analog hands to the time shown on the clock’s digital display

Features of Tock the Learning Clock:

  • In addition to teaching time skills, Tock also helps children get a good night’s rest:
    • Comes with a night light function, as well as an “Ok to Wake” light that changes color when it’s okay to get out of bed and have a morning dance party
  • Introduces children to both analog and digital clock skills
  • Two learning modes
  • Analog hands encourage hands-on learning, while digital time display functions as a working clock
  • Ages 3 and older