ChatAble – Symbol Based AAC App

If you’re looking to turn your iPad into an AAC device, there are several apps to help you do so.  One available option is ChatAble, a symbol based AAC app.

chatable aac app logo

This app is ideal for individuals who are unable to write or speak.  It provides a “grid of symbols (using PCS symbols or your own images) that can be pressed to speak the word and construct sentences.”  As a result, it promotes language development and improved communication skills.

Features of ChatAble:

  • Ability to use images from your own gallery, take photos, or use the safe web search function in your cells, folders, and hotspots
  • 3 different core vocabularies (for children, teenagers, and adults)
  • Symbol prediction based on the user’s history, making it easy to tap on the most used symbols and phrases
  • 18,000 PCS symbols (Classic, Addendum, Thin Line, and High Contrast)
  • Analytics section where you can see your progress (words and messages spoken, average message length, unique words)
  • Gamified analytics to motivate children to keep using the AAC app
  • ModelTalker Voice Banking allows you to use your own synthesized voice to communicate
  • Add any media you want to a cell or a hotspot (record a video, use a YouTube video, or open a webpage)

Educational institutions are eligible for a 50% discount through Apple’s volume purchase program.  Click here to learn more!

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