Embr Wave – Personal Thermostat

Many individuals have a hard time regulating their body temperature; some people are always freezing, while others can overheat easily.  Embr Wave is a wearable scientifically proven to help you feel cooler or warmer in minutes!

The Embr Wave is, in sum, a temperature bracelet or personal thermostat.  By warming or cooling your thermally sensitive skin, it “immediately recreates the comforting warmth of a hot drink or the refreshing chill of an ice cube.”  It helps the wearer feel 5 degrees cooler or 5 degrees warmer.

embr wave temperature bracelet

The product’s website further explains the science behind the device:

“The thermoreceptors on your wrist significantly impact your feeling of temperature.  So Embr Wave’s scientifically-developed waveforms precisely stimulate your thermoreceptors, leveraging your body’s natural systems to make you feel cooler or warmer by 5 degrees.”

The wearable is easy to use: simply slide Embr Wave on your wrist like a watch or bracelet.  Then, press and hold the Wave’s Light Bar (blue side for cooling, red side for warming) and you’ll immediately feel a thermal sensation on your wrist.  The bracelet easily secures with a magnetic closure.

Embr Wave Features:

  • Utilizes a NASA-Grade thermoelectric to generate precise thermal sensations, multiple temperature sensors to enable real-time temperature monitoring of your skin and the environment, and a high-powered lithium battery
  • Users can pair the bracelet with the Embr Wave Mobile app for continuous product improvements, enhanced temperature control, and usage tracking
  • Developed by MIT scientists

Click here to learn more about the wearable!

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