Vocally Freedom – Automatic Voice Dialer

Looking for a way to turn your landline telephone into a voice-activated telephone?  Vocally Freedom is a plug and play device that allows you to do just that!  When Vocally is plugged in, users are able to use the phone without the need to press buttons, enter numbers, or hold a telephone receiver.

vocally freedom device

Users can store up to 60 numbers to redial later on.  “Dialing takes place by saying the name of the person whom you are calling.  It can be used by lifting the telephone receiver or via speakerphone (depending on user’s phone model).”

Features of Vocally Freedom:

  • Stores and dials up to 60 phone numbers
    • Numbers can be up to 35 digits long
  • Does not interfere with regular line and phone use
  • “Very fast dialing with no mistakes”
  • Recognizes any language, tone, and accent
  • Interactive voice menu
  • State of the art voice recognition technology
  • Stored names playback
  • Small, compact size
  • FCC parts 15 & 68 approved
  • A prefix digit and delay can be easily added or removed from all numbers (at once) to enable, and wait for, outside lines
  • During a call, voice dialing can be activated again.  This feature enables users to use the dialer in online banking services etc.

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