Pop & Slide Shelly

If you haven’t already ventured onto the Fat Brain Toys website, I recommend doing so.  The company offers several toys for children of all ages.  One of their toys is the Pop & Slide Shelly.

pop & slide shelly

Pop & Slide Shelly is a happy playtime turtle featuring vibrant colors.  According to the toy’s description, “Covering its shell are seven vibrant hexagons in four soothing colors while just beneath the surface are three buttons in teal, orange, and magenta.”

Features of Pop & Slide Shelly:

  • Tactile learning toy of sliding buttons to pop into slots
  • Encourages sensory exploration, cause-effect learning, color learning
  • A vibrant activity for children and parents to explore together
  • Press and slide buttons beneath slots; “Children smile with delight when buttons POP into place”
  • Learn colors by matching buttons with matching color slots
  • Doubles as a great fidget toy for little fingers
  • Features rubber feet so Shelly doesn’t move when you push buttons
  • “High quality design and materials, built for lasting durability and safety”

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