BigBlu VisionBoard Keyboard for Low Vision

Looking for a keyboard for an individual with low vision?  Check out the BigBlu VisionBoard from Ablenet!  The BigBlu VisionBoard features large white keys with bold black lettering.

bigblu visionboard

The keys measure 1 in (or 2.5 cm) and are nearly 250% larger than the print on standard keyboards.  The white keys with bold lettering “make it easy to see, and helps improve readability and reduce eyestrain.”

Features of BigBlu VisionBoard:

  • Works via Bluetooth connection on Windows XP or newer as well as Chromebook
    • “This keyboard was not tested for compatibility with MacOS, iOS, or Android, but may be compatible with some devices running these operating systems via a Bluetooth connection”
  • Battery life: 90+ days
  • Includes 2-AAA batteries
  • Battery indicator light replaces CAPS Lock light

Need a keyguard?  The Chester Creek Keyguard with Function Keys is compatible with this keyboard!

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