HumanWare Explore 8 Handheld Magnifier

HumanWare offers a variety of assistive technologies for individuals who are blind or visually impaired. If you’re looking for a new handheld magnifier, check out HumanWare’s latest innovation: the Explore 8 Handheld Magnifier.

The Explore 8 electronic magnifier is the first 8-inch handheld magnifier on the market. It is a powerful yet lightweight tool that helps individuals view documents, books, newspapers, and more. According to HumanWare, “It is smaller, lighter and more affordable than most 7-inch magnifiers on the market, while providing a screen more than 30% larger, which makes life easier -— and a whole lot clearer!”

The Explore 8 is as user friendly as it is intelligent, with next-level software made with the mobile user in mind.

Features of the HumanWare Explore 8 Handheld Magnifier:

  • Intuitive touchscreen
  • The first 8-inch handheld magnifier on the market
  • HD screen with stunning image quality
  • Large physical buttons to adjust contrast and magnification
  • Magnification up to 30X
  • Twin Ultra HD cameras for desktop or distance viewing
  • Fully customizable buttons
  • Weighs 1.30 lbs or 580g
  • Rubberized grip makes it easier to hold the device
  • Battery life : 4.5 hours

Visit HumanWare’s website to learn more!