Learn numbers, shapes, letters with the Mini-U: Logic App!

PopAppFactory offers a variety of educational apps for children.  If you’re looking for an app to help teach your child/student learn numbers, shapes, and letters – check out their Mini-U: Logic app!

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According to the app’s description, “The game of Logic is a great educational and teaching tool for your child.”  It helps teach the basics of colors, shapes, and more.  It is a 5-in-1 game of “interrelated activities allowing you to help your child expand their judgment, comprehension, and decision-making.”

Overview of the Mini-U: Logic App

  • Whenever your child makes a match in any game within the Logic app, the app will pronounce the color, shape, number, etc.
    • Words are said by a native speaker loud and clear (the speech isn’t computer-generated)
  • A “very unique” feature allows users to choose the language the game uses by selecting the narration language.  Language choices include:
    • English, Spanish, French, Russian, German, Dutch, Italian, Swedish, Arabic, Portuguese, and Ukrainian
  • The app features 5 main games – Colors, Numbers, Letters, Pictures, and Figures.
    • Pictures: this game will test and expand your child’s deductive capabilities.  This game is based on colors and shapes, but the colors and shapes aren’t readily matched
      • The child will look at a tile with a picture on it and figure out the shape it contains or the color it has in it, and then they’ll select the matching tile!
    • The other activities focus on one subject at a time (colors, numbers, etc.) so they are a bit easier
  • You can adjust the volume of the music or sound in the game, or simply turn it off
  • You can share the results of the game on Facebook or via email

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