Store your meds on your phone with new PopGrip Stash!

Yesterday I wrote about a few different car phone mounts that are disability-friendly.  The mounts I have had the most luck with are ones requiring a PopGrip on the back of your phone.  The Popsocket company now offers a new type of convenient product: introducing the PopGrip Stash!

popsockets popgrip for medication

Before diving into the details of the PopGrip Stash, I want to provide a brief synopsis of what a PopGrip is.  In sum, they are a compact, collapsible product that secures on the back of your phone.  For me, it allows me to secure and operate my phone with one hand easily.  (I also currently have a car mount that I slide the PopGrip in and out of with ease – and my phone will stay put even on the bumpiest of roads!)

When I saw an ad for the new PopGrip Stash, I saw so much potential for individuals with or without special needs.  It is a PopGrip that features a compartment where you can store small medications and take them with you on the go!  (Never forget to take your heartburn medicine again!)

Overview of the PopGrip Stash:

  • Swivel lid makes it easy to store small medications so you have them with you on the go!
  • The swappable ecosystem allows the PopGrip to be secured to your phone, PopChain, or anywhere you have a PopGrip base
  • Offers a secure grip so you can text with one hand, take better pictures, and more
  • Functions as a convenient stand so you can watch videos on the fly
  • Repositionable and sticks to most devices and cases
    • *Please note it may not stick to silicone or waterproof cases
  • Dimensions: 39.72mm diameter x 14.85mm H (when it is collapsed)
  • And more

Check out Popsockets website to learn more!

See also: Asobu pill organizer water bottle, which conveniently allows you to store and take your meds on the go

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