GazePlay Opens Up the World of Gaming

GazePlay opens up a wide world of gaming for poly-disabled people with limited use of their limbs or voices. The free, open-source software grants users access to nearly 60 games playable with an eye tracker.

GazePlay drawing

GazePlay works on Windows, MacOS and Linux. Moreover, it can be used with all eye trackers that allow mouse movement. These include:

  • Tobii: Tobii EyeX, I-12 and Tobii 4C (Windows)
  • Eye Tribe: Eye Tribe Tracker (Windows and MacOS)

The games are simple, easy and fun. Players can use their eye gaze to whack moles, throw cream pies, battle robots, destroy aliens, make their way through mazes and much more. In addition, the software includes more practical exercises like memory games and math problems.

GazePlay target game

Along with making people with disabilities feel included in the world of gaming, GazePlay improves concentration for those with cognitive impairment or attention deficit disorders. Further, it allows them to train their gaze and build up to more complex physical interactions.

GazePlay math game

A relatively new software program, GazePlay continues to evolve. One of the coolest aspects of its growth is the fact that anyone can contribute to it. For example, users can suggest ideas or write code. If you’re a graphic designer or software engineer, you can create new games, add on to existing ones or fix any bugs in the software. To get started,  clone the repository or read the Contribution Guidelines.

In conclusion, GazePlay is fun for users of all ages and a great new tool for people with disabilities.

GazePlay game

Check out this video about GazePlay!


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