Zebrainy ABC Learning Game App

Looking for an educational, fun app to help get your child ready for school?  Check out the Zebrainy ABC Learning Game app!  According to the Educational App Storethe Zebrainy ABC app is an “easy-to-use, educational app featuring games, stories, cartoons, letters, numeracy, sizes, colors, shapes, and more.” 

The app is suitable for children ages 2 and up.  The app takes children on an adventure through 26 magical wonderlands for each letter in the English alphabet. 

The App Store provides a better overview of the Zebrainy ABC app: 

“The main character is Rainbow Zebra. Zebra lost her friend in one of the enchanted worlds and needs to rescue him. But Zebra [must] find out which of the wonderlands is the right one only when somebody plays the game!”

The colorful characters throughout the game will encourage creativity and so much more.  Further, each letter level consists of two parts:

  1. Letter Constructor – where children have to compile the letter from pieces;
  2. Letter Wonderland – where babies and toddlers get to know objects, animals, and characters that live inside each wonderland (each item starts with the letter of current wonderland

zebrainy abc learning game app logo

Other features of the Zebrainy ABC Learning Game app:

  • The developer’s website states the game is based on “cutting-edge knowledge about the peculiarities of brain functioning and all the phases of its development.  Every decision throughout gameplay is substantiated by a number of scientific facts.”
  • The app does not tell children what to do, rather it gives them the freedom to make decisions:
    • At any time, a child can choose a letter or magical world to enter
  • Children will meet 80 colorful characters on their journey including animals, fairies, robots, and genies
  • Covers all 26 letters in the English alphabet
  • Introduces children to 250 simple words as an introduction to English
  • And so much more

Visit Zebrainy’s website to learn more!

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