spot vision screener from welch allyn

Welch Allyn Spot Vision Screener

Vision screenings are “crucial for early detection and prevention of vision loss in young children.”  Welch Allyn offers a quick, contact-free vision screening device: introducing their Spot Vision Screener.

In sum, it is a handheld, portable device that can automatically detect vision issues from a noninvasive 3-foot distance in just seconds!  The Welch Allyn Spot Vision Screener is ideal to use in offices, schools — anywhere vision screenings are done.  It can detect six amblyopic risk factors in children as young as six months.  Here’s more on the device from Welch Allyn’s website:

“Bright touchscreen displays on-screen results indicating whether a complete eye exam is recommended or if all measurements are in range.  Instant results are easy to interpret and share with parents and eye care specialists.”

spot vision screener from welch allyn

Overview of the Welch Allyn Spot Vision Screener:

  • Automatically captures in seconds from a noninvasive 3-foot distance using the fixation target to keep the child’s focus
  • You can prepare for busy screening days by “easily importing screening subjects via a wireless connection or USB-drive to your queue”
  • Once vision screenings are complete, you can export summary reports to be uploaded to patient electronic medical records
  • Fast, no-contact vision screening helps schools minimize exposure for staff and students
  • Supports AAP screen guidelines for early detection of amblyopic risk factors
  • Requires minimal user training
  • Wireless printing and WiFi-enabled for easy export of data

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