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In a recent episode of Assistive Technology Update, our very own Josh Anderson recently interviewed David Hojah – CEO and Founder of Parrots Inc.  During the interview, listeners will learn more about Hojah and the inspiration behind his company, technologies, and more.

To begin, his company Parrots Inc. is an “assistive robotics and medical devices company that creates companions for people with mobility and communication challenges.”  Developers have been working on Polly, which is a “socially assistive robot(ic parrot) changing life for those with neurological disorders.”

Polly is currently still in development even though the original plan was to launch this year.  Hojah continues:

“So the original plan was planning to launch this year, but we decided to have more features and also make sure everything is very solid for the user. Because one of the things we want this to be super friendly, meant to be for the users to improve their quality of life, to maximize their independence. And then we can have this for everyone.”

parrots inc technologies logo

Parrot Inc. creates five values (or “5 Cs”):

  1. Communication: AI/ML smart communication in real-time with an intuitive prediction system.
  2. Control: 360-degree computer vision for safe navigation indoor and outdoor.
  3. Connectivity: with smart-home devices.
  4. Compatibility: with all kinds of ability switches, including eye-tracking, head mouse, or joysticks.
  5. Caregiving:  our devices assist people with physical challenges and their caregivers by maximizing independence for the users and reducing caregivers’ costs.

Click here to listen to David Hojah’s interview on Assistive Technology Update.

Visit the developer’s website to learn more!

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