Tellyprompt chrome extension

TellyPrompt Google Chrome Extension

Teleprompters allow presenters to keep eye contact, control the pace of a speech, and assure that the right words are spoken to an audience.

TellyPrompt is a free and simple online teleprompter that transforms your own device into it’s own teleprompter .

Tellyprompt chrome extension

It’s so easy to use: simply type or paste text into the editor window and then click “Start Presenting”.

Overview of TellyPrompt:

  • Free online service that transforms your device into a teleprompter
  • Full-screen display for minimal distraction
  • Ability to adjust scroll speed in real-time
  • Designed for single-monitor and dual-monitor setups
  • You can adjust the font size, color, and direction
  • Change background color and horizontal text margins on display
  • Mirror horizontal, vertical, both, or none
  • Block mouse wheel from accidentally scrolling text while running
  • Multi-monitor support with presenter view

Check it out on the TellyPrompt website to learn more!

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  1. I like to use this app. I got an information that tellyprompt extension in Chrome ended in December 2022. What can I do to update tellyprompt?

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