Tellyprompt chrome extension

TellyPrompt Google Chrome Extension

We’ve been writing and talking about different Google Chrome Extensions a lot lately on our blogs, Tech Tips, and podcasts.  Yet another useful Chrome tool is the TellyPrompt Google Chrome Extension.

Tellyprompt chrome extension

After installing the extension, you’ll no longer need a fancy teleprompter box.  TellyPrompt is a free extension that transforms your device into its own teleprompter!  It’s so easy to use: simply type or paste text into the editor window and then click “Start Presenting”.

Overview of the TellyPrompt Google Chrome Extension:

  • Free Chrome Extension that transforms your device into a teleprompter
  • Full-screen display for minimal distraction
  • Ability to adjust scroll speed in real-time
  • Designed for single-monitor and dual-monitor setups
  • You can adjust the font size, color, and direction
  • Change background color and horizontal text margins on display
  • Mirror horizontal, vertical, both, or none
  • Block mouse wheel from accidentally scrolling text while running
  • Multi-monitor support with presenter view

Check it out on the Google Chrome Web Store to learn more!


  1. I like to use this app. I got an information that tellyprompt extension in Chrome ended in December 2022. What can I do to update tellyprompt?

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