germkey touchfree brass hand tool

GermKey No Touch Brass Hand Tool

This year has been an absolute nightmare for most since the pandemic; some individuals who have never been “germophobic” quickly became so in fear of catching (or spreading) COVID-19.  If you have to go out, you may consider using the GermKey No Touch Brass Hand Tool!

germkey touchfree brass hand tool

The GermKey, in sum, is an angled pulling hook for opening doors.  It is also ideal to press buttons on an ATM or elevator.  GermKey’s multipurpose design features a blunt edge stylus tip so you can even use it on most touchscreens and signature pads, too!

Overview of the GermKey No Touch Brass Hand Tool:

  • The compact tool helps you avoid contact with shared surfaces
  • It is made out of antimicrobial brass (70% copper + 30% zinc)
  • Naturally kills germs
  • Convenient size easily attaches to your keychain
  • In addition to helping you pull/push door handles, it can also help you press buttons, sign signature pads, and carry shopping bags
  • Works on most touchscreens
  • Available by itself or in multipacks
  • They even come in 31 NFL team options or 25 NCAA team options
  • Made in the USA

Check it out on Amazon to learn more!

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