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AmeriLuck Suction Shower Grab Bars

If you’re looking for an easy way to increase accessibility in your shower, installing grab bars is one way to do so.  Further, if you’re looking for a solution that requires zero tools, check out the AmeriLuck Suction Shower Grab Bars!

The AmeriLuck Suction Shower Grab Bars are “an easy and safe solution for seniors looking for extra support in the shower.”  Just as the name suggests, the grab bars suction directly onto your shower wall.

Unlike other suction grab bars available on the market, the AmeriLuck suction bars feature suction safety indicators.  The suction indicators turn green when the bar is good to grab, or red if you need to reinstall it.

suction grab bars

Here’s how to install them:

  1. Clean the rubber discs on grab bar(s) and clean the surface it is to be attached to thoroughly
  2. Press as hard as possible against the wall until the green safety indicators show up
  3. Press down on the flip-up easy release tabs, you will feel negative pressure
    • The greater the pressure, the better the suction

Overview of AmeriLuck Suction Shower Grab Bars:

  • Ideal for individuals looking for extra security in the shower
  • Indicators will turn green if the bar is safe to use, or red if you need to reinstall it
    • Before each use, test the firmness of the suction device and ensure BOTH indicators are GREEN
  • The suction discs cannot be mounted on grout seams
  • Make sure there are no textures on the shower wall
  • Works on flat, non-porous surfaces
  • One year warranty
  • Great for individuals who travel a lot since it can be used on-the-go!

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