height adjustable sink

Height Adjustable Shampoo Basin

If you’re in a wheelchair and looking for a way to wash your hair from the convenience of your own wheelchair, check out the Height Adjustable Portable Shampoo Basin!

height adjustable sink

The Height Adjustable Shampoo Basin makes washing your hair from your chair possible.  The basin can accommodate reclining chairs or standard chairs.

According to its description on Amazon:

“This extra-large capacity bowl is lightweight and ergonomical and is also very stylish.  It’s easy-to-clean and comes with all accessories and fixtures.”

The basin is made of durable ABS composite with a rolled edge for comfort.

Other Features of the Height Adjustable Shampoo Basin Include:

  • Comfortably shampoo your hair from your wheelchair with this height and angle adjustable portable sink
  • The height is adjustable from 37″ to 54″
  • Comes with a rubber plug stopper that fits the drain opening at the bottom of the basin
  • The stain-resistant bowl is made from durable ABS composite and stainless steel pipe
  • You can permanently install this sink or leave it portable
  • For travel use, simply supply a water source such as a water pitcher or hose
    • Drain the basin into a bucket or somewhere else
  • Bowl size: 19″ x 15″-20″ x 10″(L x W x H)
  • Black coated gloss finish
  • Made of plastic that is resistant to stains

Click here to learn more about this portable sink!

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