modern ball chair fidgeting solution

Modern Ball Chair – Chair for fidgeters and more

Over the years we’ve written about different seating options for fidgeters.  Fun and Function offers another solution with their Modern Ball Chair.  The Modern Ball Chair is the “ideal seat for kids who need to wiggle and move to help focus, but need extra support.” 

The Modern Ball Chair offers the benefits of sitting on an exercise ball but with a backrest.  It also features locking wheels to ensure active bouncers won’t roll away.  Some benefits of sitting on an exercise ball include increasing core strength, improving posture, and decreasing discomfort.  

modern ball chair fidgeting solution

According to Fun and Function’s description, it also:

Helps hyperactive children channel restless energy so your classroom or clinic can be more productive learning environment for all…”

Overview of the Modern Ball Chair:

  • Ball Chair is an ideal seating option for hyperactive children who need to wiggle and move to help focus
  • Features backrest for children who need extra support and locking wheels to ensure users won’t roll away
  • Supports sensory seekers and students with ADHD
  • Offers the same benefits of sitting on an exercise ball such as:
    • Promotes proper seating posture
    • Decreases discomfort
    • Engages core muscles
  • For students ages 7 and up
  • The ball measures 20.86″ in Diameter and 53 cm in height
  • Chair is 22″L x 31″W x 22″H
  • The height of the seating position when the ball is on the chair is approximately 18″ from the floor
  • Weighs 15 pounds
  • Holds up to 250 pounds
  • Chair and back materials: PE plastic
  • The ball is made of PVC
  • Fixed bar: nylon
  • Latex-free
  • Color: black

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