apple airtag find my keys and more

Apple AirTag

I originally wrote about Tile back in 2014.  If you’re unfamiliar with Tile products, in sum, they are small Bluetooth-enabled devices you can attach to items like keys, wallets, purses — anything you can potentially lose.  Apple now has its very own version: introducing Apple AirTag!

According to Apple’s website, Apple AirTag is a “super-easy way to keep track of your stuff.”  Simply attach one to your keys, purse, backpack, and more.  Once it’s set up, you’ll be able to view it on the Find My app.

Additionally, you’ll be able to play a sound on the device’s built-in speaker by going to the new items tab in the Find My app.  You can also say, “Hey Siri, find my keys,” for example.  If the item is hiding nearby, just follow the sound and your search is over!

apple airtag find my keys and more

Here’s more about how it works:

“Your AirTag sends out a secure Bluetooth signal that can be detected by nearby devices in the Find My network. These devices send the location of your AirTag to iCloud — then you can go to the Find My app and see it on a map. The whole process is anonymous and encrypted to protect your privacy. And itʼs efficient, so thereʼs no need to worry about battery life or data usage.”

Overview of Apple AirTag:

  • A small device that can be attached to your keys, wallet, purse, backpack — anything you can potentially lose
  • You can view them on your radar on the Find My app
    • You can also make them play a sound via the device’s built-in speaker if you’re looking for your misplaced item nearby
  • With Precision Finding feature, you’ll see the distance to your AirTag and the direction to head in
  • If you leave something behind at the gym, work, beach, etc., the Find My network helps you track down your AirTag
  • Designed to protect your privacy every step of the way
    • Only you can see where your AirTag is
  • Efficient so there’s no need to worry about battery life or data usage
  • Just like other Apple devices, AirTag can be put into Lost Mode
    • When it’s detected by a device in the network, you’ll automatically get a notification
  • Water-resistant
  • And much more!

Visit Apple’s website to learn more about Apple AirTag!

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