2021 AT and Social Isolation Full Day Presentation Materials

Below are presentation materials for the 2021 INDATA Full Day training focused on AT and Social Isolation:

Important Links and Information: 

CEU Quiz                              eastersealstech.com/2021IsolationQuiz
AAC website                         aacinstitute.org/ceus 
Full-Day Survey Link            eastersealstech.com/2021IsolationSurvey
Nikol’s email                          nprieto@eastersealscrossroads.org
INDATA Loan Library            indata.AT4ALL.com
Archive Video                       eastersealstech.com/fulldayarchives 

Slides for Today’s Sessions:

Welcome and INDATA Overview Slides

Adverse Effects of Social Isolation and Loneliness Slides

Barriers to Technology Adoption Slides

Assistive Technology to Combat Social Isolation Slides

Programs and Resources Slides

Programs and Resource PDF Guide

Please note: Fully accessible versions of today’s slide decks will be posted to our archive pages in the coming days.