limelite led sand table from fun and function

LimeLite LED Sand Table

Fun and Function is a company that offers many sensory solutions for individuals with autism and other special needs. One of their available products is the LimeLite LED Sand Table.

The LimeLite LED Sand Table encourages exploration with 16 “soothing colors” which can be set to change automatically in strobe, flash, fade, or smooth mode. The table provides visual, tactile, and fine motor stimulation for sensory seekers, under responders, or avoiders.

limelite led sand table from fun and function

Here’s more from Amazon’s description:

“Dynamic sensory therapy – in a table! Place your filling in the LimeLite LED Sand Table, select the special effects or automatically cycle through 16 colors. You can use the remote to cycle through different modes – flash, strobe, fade, or smooth – and control brightness as desired. The soft glow of the changing colors is soothing and helps to develop visual attention and color recognition skills. LED lights do not generate heat, so filling remains cool to touch.”

Overview of LimeLite LED Sand Table:

  • Provides visual, tactile, and fine motor stimulation
  • Supports sensory integration, and is calming and engaging for sensory seekers, avoiders, and under-responders
  • If you fill the table with sand, pebbles, or another textured material, you’ll create an area for tactile feedback and add to the sensory therapy benefits
  • Includes remote with options for flash, strobe, smooth, and fade modes, plus brightness control
  • LED lights do not generate heat, so the table and filling will remain cool to the touch
  • Rechargeable 1865 battery lasts 8-12 hours
  • Measures 18″L x 18″W x 18″H
  • Weighs 10.6 pounds

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