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Flow – Focus and Pomodoro Timer

There are several apps available to help individuals stay productive and focused.  One available Mac app is Flow – Focus and Pomodoro Timer.

flow focus and pomodoro timer logo

The app uses the Pomodoro Technique, which is a time management method developed in the late 1980s.  Here’s more:

“This popular time management method asks you to alternate pomodoros — focused work sessions — with frequent short breaks to promote sustained concentration and stave off mental fatigue.”

According to its description on the Mac App Store, Flow is a “tiny but mighty app that helps you working on a task, studying for school, or simply keeping focus without being distracted for a certain amount of time.”  It divides your workflow into sections with defined breaks; doing so helps you stay focused more easily.

Overview of Flow – Focus and Pomodoro Timer:

  • Pomodoro timer with work intervals and breaks
  • Fullscreen break to force short relaxations
  • Overview of your completed sessions
  • Block apps and websites to prevent distractions
  • iCloud sync
  • Right-click the menu bar timer for quick activation
  • Optional desktop notifications
  • Compatible with all modern macOS versions

Click here to learn more!

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