ONO Roller Fidget

Ever since I began writing about fidgets back in 2016, they have only grown in popularity.  If you’re searching for a new, discreet fidget, check out the ONO Roller!

ono roller fidget in blue

The ONO Roller is a sleek and discreet fidget that takes fidget tools to a whole new level.  Here’s more from the product’s website: 

“We designed the ONO to be sleek, more stylish and more satisfying at relieving stress for adults. With a continuous, relaxing, natural rolling motion, the ONO keeps your hands moving and puts your mind at ease. So you can fidget in a way that feels good and is good for you…”

Overview of ONO Roller:

  • Available in 3 unique styles:
    1. ONO Roller: made from aircraft-grade aluminum with a smooth sandblasted finish
    2. ONO Roller Jr.: non-toxic ABS plastic with a soft-touch finish
    3. ONO Steel: stainless steel with a smooth polished finish
  • Make it your own by choosing a color that suits your style
  • Keeps your hands busy while rolling out your muscles
  • Helps you break bad habits like biting your nails, leg bouncing, and more
  • Toss it in the freezer for a few for an “extra soothing massage session”

Click here to learn more!

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