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8 Exciting Fidgets for Adults

Last week, I wrote a featured blog discussing 5 different fidgets for children with special needs.  Within hours of publishing, the article gained a tremendous amount of attention due to the prevalence of fidgeting among children with and without special needs.  (After all, children will be children and they just have to move!)  As you probably already know, children are not the only ones who fidget!  Adults who have ADHD, autism, anxiety, high levels of stress and more, all often resort to fidgeting as a way to relax.  Some examples of adult fidgeting include clicking pens, bouncing feet/legs, tapping fingers, squirming, biting nails, etc.  If you are a fidgeter, or know someone who is, keep on reading to find a fidget designed with adult fidgeters in mind!

8 Exciting Fidgets for Adults:

1. Fidget jewelry

Okay, so for those of us who can’t help but fidget in the office, meetings, dinners, social events, etc. fidget jewelry is both satisfying and discreet!  Here are a few examples available:

  • Spinner ring
    • Amazon offers many fun and sleek spinner ring designs!  This ring features two bands: an inner band with a smooth, stainless steel finish, and an outer movable band.  The inner band holds the ring in place while you fidget and spin the outer band.
  • Gear Spinner Pendant Necklace
    • The Gear Spinner Pendant Necklace is a stylish pendant gear spinner pendant necklace fidgetmade of lightweight stainless steel.  It features three golden gears that spin.  It can be used as a fidget or a fascinating visual stim.
  • Bike Chain Fidget Heavyweight Bracelet
    • This unique wearable features double rows of bike chain bike chain fidget braceletlinks mounted four across making this the heaviest bike chain bracelet.  The bracelet weighs 2.5 ounces and is 0.5″ wide, so it “can create soothing sensations of pressure for even the most sensory seeking individuals.”

Check out more fidget jewelry here!

2. Pencil fidgets

Are you guilty of chewing on your pens/pencils?  Or clicking your pens?  Then these two fidgets may be ideal for you!

  • Nut and Bolt Pencil Toppers
    • Oftentimes we click our pens when our fingers are simply restless and need to move.  The Nut and Bolt Pencil
      nut and bolt pencil toppersToppers help keep your fingers busy and your minds calm and focused in a much less disruptive way!  They are available as a Nut and Bolt, or a Wing Nut fidget style.  They each come on a colorful pencil, but can be transferred onto other writing utensils!
  • Chew Stixx Chewy Pencil Toppers
    • Raise your hand if you’re guilty of chewing on a pencil or a pen cap?  *Raises hand.*  I am often anxious and have the chew stixx chewy pencil topsdesire to chew on my writing utensil–especially when taking good ol’ fashioned pen and paper exams!  I don’t know why I have to chew on something, I just do!  Chew Stixx Chewy Pencil Toppers are made of non-toxic, latex-free materials and are ideal for sensory seekers who like to chew on clothes, hair, nails, or pencils.  The “socially-acceptable” toppers set include one smooth and one bumpy topper that fit on any standard pencil.
3. Desktop Fidgets

Are you having a hard time concentrating at work?  Or maybe you’re terribly bored on a conference call and need something to do while listening?  Perhaps one of these desktop fidget toys may work for you!

  • Magnetic Desktop Art Sculptures
    • The Magnetic Art Sculptures fit into any office decor and come in many favorite themes (e.g. aquarium, houses, humans, baseball, butterflies, trees, sharks, and so much more!)  If you just want a classic magnetic art sculpture ballstheme, then check out the Magnetic Sculpture Balls.  This toy features 3 different-sized chrome balls which can be manipulated into a variety of designs.  Playing with magnetic art is a “great way to take a break during a stressful day!”
  • Zen Gardens
    • What better way to eliminate stress than by raking it mini deluxe zen gardenaway?  The Deluxe Mini Tabletop Zen Garden allows you to do just that and fits perfectly on your desk.  Zen Rock Gardening is an ancient stress relieving activity and helps clear the mind of everyday stresses!
  • Playable Art Ball
    • Want an artistic, playable toy for your desk?  The Playable Art Ball allows you to create an endless amount of colorful,playable art ball artistic displays.  It’s constructed of specially designed connectors which enable you to twist, bend, expand, and manipulate the colorful wooden beads however you’d like.

To find even more fidgets, visit the following sites:

EDIT: Be sure to also check out my article on the Fidget Cube!

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  1. My sister is a TBI adult. She is 60 years old and has started chewing on the neck of her shirts, her plastic cups and other things. Can you suggest things for her to safely chew on and where to purchase them. Thank you in advance.

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