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Stay organized with the Homework App

For many students, it’s that time of year again to go back to school.  If you’re searching for an app to help keep assignments and teacher contacts organized, check out the Homework App.  The Homework App features four basic categories: tasks, subjects, instructors, and a calendar.

the homework app logo

When you first open the app, you can fill out the instructor and subject categories and choose color customization.  Once this is set up, you can email or call instructors within the app.  In addition to jotting down assignments, the app also allows you to set alarms to alert you when the task should be completed or turned in.

The Homework App can be a wonderful visual aid for students who struggle with organization or become overwhelmed with the magnitude of their assignments and need them chunked.

Overview of Homework App:

  • Works with iPad and iPhone
  • The subtask feature helps prevent chunking; here you can organize projects and tasks that have multiple steps
  • Ability to set alerts to remind you when tasks are due
  • Color code your subjects
  • Take a picture and attach it to your task
  • In-app calendar where you can view your tasks on a daily, monthly, or annual basis
  • Ability to store instructor/teacher info so you can contact them within the app
  • Works for students of all ages, even college

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