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Speak My Mind AAC App

Several apps are available to help turn your iOS device into an AAC device, one of them being the Speak My Mind app.  Speak My Mind is a “revolutionary” augmentative and alternative communication app that helps individuals with language and communication challenges.

The app can help people with autism, ALS, Down Syndrome, Apraxia, cerebral palsy, and more be able to communicate.  Speak My Mind learns to predict what users want to say, helps develop language understanding, enriches vocabulary, and refines grammatical skills.  speak my mind aac app logo

Overview of Speak My Mind:

  • Intuitive yet powerful interface design that’s easy to learn and master
  • Learns to predict what you want to say; the more you use it the better it gets
  • An extensive vocabulary of over 6,000 words
  • Efficient and powerful editing and creation tool for words, categories, and sub-categories
  • Ability to choose your own voice, pitch, and rate of speech from a large catalog of various voices and accents
  • You can try it free for 14 days, after which a subscription is $9.99/month

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