clipdifferent fingernail clipper

ClipDifferent Fingernail Clipper

Many individuals with different special needs cannot clip their fingernails without assistance.  One potential solution to help with this is the ClipDifferent fingernail clipper.

ClipDifferent is a patented assistive device used by people of all abilities for nail care.  It is ideal for individuals with Parkinson’s, low vision, multiple sclerosis, dementia, and more.  

clipdifferent fingernail clipper

According to ClipDifferent’s website:

“The ClipDifferent utilizes a high-capacity, rechargeable battery to power a finely-tuned, trimming blade to create the most seamless fingernail clipping experience you’ve ever had. You simply turn it on and insert as much (or as little) of your fingernail you want trimmed into the fingernail slot. The blade then automatically trims your nail to the desired length. It’s so precise and gentle, you can use it to trim the tiniest sliver of a nail. The nail trimmings are then captured in the handy, no-mess nail drawer…”

Overview of ClipDifferent:

  • Quiet, durable assistive device to help cut fingernails
  • It weighs less than a bottle of water
  • The finger rest allows individuals with vision or dexterity challenges to find and use the nail slot easily
  • Nails are left smooth with no need to file
  • Rechargeable: a quick charge is good for months of clippings
  • The rubberized base rests securely on any level surface
  • Nail clippings are captured in an easy-to-empty drawer

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