6dot braille label maker

6dot Braille Label Maker

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use Braille label maker, check out the 6dot Braille Label Maker from Logan Tech.  This portable Braille label maker has a built-in Braille keyboard that supports all grades of Braille in “virtually every language.”

6dot braille label maker

It features six good-sized Braille keys on top of the device.  The Braille keys are well placed to allow for easy two-handed typing with a spacebar right below the keys, ideal to be pressed with either thumb.  There is also a tactile ON/OFF switch on the label maker’s right side.  

In addition to typing directly on the device, you may also attach a QWERTY keyboard.  This allows non-Braillist users to generate labels as well. 

Overview of 6dot Braille Label Maker:

  • The automatic cutter provides effortlessly clean label cuts without the need for scissors
  • Ergonomically designed to be portable and easy to use anywhere
  • Built-in Braille keyboard supports all grades of Braille in virtually every language
  • Powered embossing for “high-quality” Braille for accurate reading and a long lifespan
  • QWERTY keyboard connectivity option enables users who cannot write Braille to generate labels
  • Dual power options: AC/DC adapters or 6 AA alkaline batteries
  • Uses standard ⅜ inch (9mm) vinyl embossing label tape
  • Comes with:
    • Braille Label Maker
    • Power adapter
    • 10 rolls of DYMO embossing tape
    • 1-year warranty

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