medacube automatic pill dispenser full view

MedaCube Automatic Pill Dispenser

Over the years we’ve written about several automatic pill dispensers.  Yet another available option is the MedaCube Automatic Pill Dispenser.  The MedaCube is the “only automatic pill dispenser clinically proven to increase medication adherence significantly.”

MedaCube does the work of organizing your pills into different dose groupings for you.  The first step in using this pill dispenser after setting it up is to enter the specific medications, as well as the medication schedule.  

medacube automatic pill dispenser full view

After it’s all set up, MedaCube will prompt you when it’s time to take medication.  Simply touch the screen and a drawer on the right pops out with your dose.

Overview of the MedaCube Automatic Pill Dispenser:

  • Unique, error-proof bulk loading of up to a 90-day supply for up to 16 different medications (12 bins included, 4 large and 8 standard)
  • Picks and dispenses meds to guarantee proper dosing
  • Caregiver-recorded voice prompts, allowing languages personalization and messages from loved ones
  • Bar-code option reduces the potential for error in prescription loading
  • Secure cloud storage of prescribed schedule, history, missed dose reporting, contact information, and pill image reference data
  • Text, email/voice notification to caregivers if medications have not been taken

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  1. Company stole my money. Contacted the company to return the unit in accordance with their 30-day money back guarantee, as the product did not help my father achieve his medication goals. They sent a UPS return label, and I returned the unit. Next thing I hear, they’re not willing to refund me because the unit was returned outside the 30 day window. But they sent me the return label outside the 30 day window!!! WHY WOULD YOU SEND A RETURN LABEL AND REFUSE TO ACCEPT THE RETURN? Now I have NO MONEY and NO MEDACUBE.

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