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Brighterly Math Learning Platform

Learning math can be challenging for many individuals.  Luckily there are resources like Brighterly to help out!  Brighterly is a math tutor platform that matches your child to an experienced and trained math teacher.  

Brighterly’s mission is to help every child aged 3-11 learn math with “fun, ease, and success.”  With this platform, you don’t need to pay upfront.  You can order a demo lesson and check the whole process for free.  If you are satisfied with how Brighterly’s experts teach, you can order more classes.

brighterly math platform e=mc squared image

According to Brighterly’s website:

“Mathematics is a precise science, and no mistakes are acceptable. Only 2% of our applicants pass [through] our tests. We accept only teachers with at least five years of professional teaching experience and the associated degrees…”

Overview of Brighterly:

  • During each session, students spend 45 minutes learning and practicing math under the guidance of their tutor with custom Brighterly tools, games, and activities
  • There are packages available for different course lengths
  • Pro-rated math curriculum
  • Help with homework
  • Ideal for students up to age 14
  • Since all tutors are required to have years of experience, they will adapt to suit your child if they have special needs

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