wander alarm door monitor for Alzheimer's

Wander Alarm Door Monitor

There are many available products designed to help prevent individuals with Alzheimer’s from wandering.  One example of an available product is the Wander Alarm Door Monitor. 

Here’s more from the Alzheimer’s Store:

“Taking care of an Alzheimer’s patient can pose many significant challenges, and safety is always a high priority. While personal monitoring around the clock might seem impossible, the sophisticated range of monitors and alarms at the Alzheimer’s Store can help you keep your family member safe 24-hours of the day, seven-days-a-week. Our remote alarm comes with a high-performance transmitter and plug-in wall receiver that can be customized to monitor interior or exterior doors, depending on your individual requirements…”

When a monitored door is opened, the transmitter sends a signal to the receiver/alarm that plugs into any standard AC wall outlet.  You can use the monitor to guard one door or buy extra transmitters for more doors.  You can also purchase additional motion detectors, SOS pendants, wireless receivers, etc.  

wander alarm door monitor for Alzheimer's

Overview of Wander Alarm Door Monitor:

  • Comes with one door sensor (more sensors can be added for complete home monitoring)
  • Plug-in alarm alerts caregivers wherever they’re situated in and around the home within 250 feet of sensors
  • WiFi not required
  • No monthly fees

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