smartmicro microwave fire prevention sensor

SmartMicro – Microwave Fire Prevention Sensor

As I wrote yesterday, kitchen fires are the number one cause of home fires.  While they can begin on the stove, they can also start in a microwave.  Luckily, there are products like SmartMicro to help eliminate fires.  

smartmicro microwave fire prevention sensor

Microwave ovens left unattended regularly cause build evacuations.  Did you know U.S. fire departments respond to more than 2 million false and nuisance alarms every year?!  SmartMicro helps prevent unnecessary alarm activations and fires by interrupting power to the microwave at the first sign of smoke.  It is ideal for colleges/universities, hospitals, corporate offices, hotels, and more.  

Overview of SmartMicro:

  • Advanced sensor technology that interrupts power to the microwave at the first sign of smoke
  • Fully automatic reset: power is automatically restored after the area around the vent has cleared
  • Easy to install:
    1. Mount the magnetic sensor to the microwave just above the exhaust vent slots
    2. Plug the control box into an outlet
    3. Plug the microwave into the control box
  • Compact design
  • Dramatically reduces alarms and nuisance calls
  • No batteries required

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