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Control all of your devices with PUCKmed

SmashToast is a company dedicated to developing hardware and software that help people.  They strive to develop products that “make lives better using simplicity, elegance, intuition, and technology.”  Their product, PUCKmed, is a device that can control infrared devices (e.g. televisions, air conditioners, space heaters, etc.)

PUCKmed by SmartToast

PUCKmed is designed specifically for individuals with physical disabilities.  With direct input from assistive technology professionals and customers, PUCKmed is designed with updates like a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, a more practical setup, privacy-conscious sharing options, and more.  According to SmartToast’s website, the device does “everything a remote can do, but better.”

To use PUCKmed:

  1. Place it on or near the infrared receiver of the device(s) you want to control
  2. Download the free PUCK Remote App for iOS or Android

Overview of PUCKmed:

  • Intuitive PUCK Remote App is designed with accessibility in mind, so ease of use is paramount
  • Setup PUCK for multiple devices and control them all from a single interface
  • It can be used with voice, eye-gaze, switch control, or traditional touch
  • You can use constant power via the USB-C port, or recharge the internal battery
  • Keep PUCK up-to-date with over-the-air (OTA) firmware updates
  • No accounts, no personal data collection, no tracking; it is HIPAA-compliant
  • No wifi necessary: it utilizes Bluetooth Low-energy instead of wifi

Click here to learn more!

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