readerpen scans text and reads it aloud


Yesterday I wrote about the C-Pen Reader 2, which is a reading aid for individuals who may need assistance reading text.  Another scanning pen available from the same company is the ReaderPen.

The ReaderPen is a convenient portable tool to support independent reading and literacy.  You can easily scan text with this device to have words read out with natural-speaking voices.  It also features a voice recorder and the ability to store text.

readerpen scans text and reads it aloud

The digital highlighter – alongside the text-to-speech function – supports multi-sensory learning and aids language retention.

Overview of ReaderPen:

  • Reads text of textbooks, magazines, and documents aloud
  • Looks up and reads out definitions of words
  • No wifi required
  • Scans and stores text internally as well as scans to a computer (no software required)
  • A voice recorder for memos and developing vocabulary and pronunciation
  • 3GB user space to store text and audio
  • Speaker and earphone jack
  • Rechargeable battery 

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