popsocket fidget train expanded

PopSocket Fidgets

If you have a PopSocket on your phone and have anxiety or ADHD, you may have fidgeted with it.  The company has recently released two fidgets to suit your fidgeting needs.  

If you’re unfamiliar with PopSockets, the company launched in 2014 and is a global digital-lifestyle company that sells empowering, fun, and expressive products that help people phone better.  They innovate grips, mounts, wallets, cases, and chargers so you can chat, text, and take photos and videos better.  

Fidget Train:

Imagine the PopGrips you know and love attached together in a chain to seamlessly form an interactive fidget toy.  The Fidget Train gives your hands a fun toy to play with while keeping your mind focused.

popsocket fidget train expanded


  • For kids and adults alike
  • Pop, squeeze, and swivel your way to focus with the Fidget Tray
  • Length expanded: around 132mm
  • Length compressed: 39mm

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PopPuck is like a “magnetic skate park for your thumbs.”  You can flick, stack, and flip your pucks to perform tricks.  

popsocket poppuck fidget keychain


  • Every part of PopPuck can be used for tricks
  • Two pucks is fun, but you can experiment with more pucks
  • Over 30 pucks to collect
  • Dimensions: 28.22mm length x 7.95mm width

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