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Tap & Learn App for Preschoolers

If you’re looking for an educational app for your preschooler, check out Tap & Learn. Tap & Learn is a fun app that allows kiddos to practice the basic skills they need to build a foundation for learning.

While using the app, they’ll match, sort, and count in the 30 different minigames.  They’ll have fun learning content such as numbers, shapes, and colors.  

tap & learn app logo

There are 30 activities split equally across 3 levels.  Children can choose the activity they’d like to play, and a short (optional) voiceover explains the task.  They can earn up to 3 stars to mark completed activities.  

Overview of Tap & Learn:

  • 30 different educational minigames give children the ability to practice basic skills
  • They’ll learn all about shapes, numbers, and colors
  • Available on both Android and iOS as a free download with 9 active games;
    • A free trial opens the app for 3 days; a single in-app purchase unlocks the entire app
  • The activities feature different play styles where users tap, select, and drag items to meet the goal
  • Pressure-free environment, but a star rating is present for each level encouraging kids to replay them to improve
  • More general skills developed when playing this app include memory and fine motor control
  • Ideal for children ages 3+

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