noted app on iphone

Noted App

If you’re looking for an app to take notes on all of your Apple devices, check out Noted!  Noted is a fully-integrated audio recording and note-taking app for your iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch, and Mac.

noted app on iphone

Notes will be synced on iCloud so you can seamlessly switch between your Mac and phone apps whenever you like.  Here’s more from the app’s website:

“Noted is a beautiful audio recording and note-taking app for lectures, meetings, interviews, conferences and more, making it super-easy for you to record every moment with confidence. Every word you type is instantly timestamped, so your notes synchronize effortlessly with your recording.”

Overview of Noted:

  • User-friendly interface simplifies note-taking and retention of information
  • Take notes while recording time-stamped audio
  • Timestamp all notes for easy searching
  • iCloud syncs notes and recordings across devices
  • AI playback skips through silence or background noise
  • Dictation turns voice recordings into text
  • Create perfect notes every time with different text styles or highlighter, pencil, numbered and bulleted lists
  • Export notes in various formats such as iCloud, PDF, Txt, M4A, and the web for easy access
  • Crop the unnecessary beginning or ending portions of lengthy audio files that consume storage space and time during playback

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