TJOY bluetooth lightbulb with tuya smart app

TJOY Bluetooth Smart Lightbulb

One of the easiest and most affordable ways to dive into smart home technology is with smart light bulbs.  One available option is the TJOY Bluetooth Lightbulb.

According to Amazon’s description:

“TJOY LED is dedicated to creating colorful ambient lighting in your home. Our smart controls and DIY capabilities can also create a smart home based on your needs.

TJOY is a lighting brand mainly focused on LED energy saving.  Our brand goal is to do our best to protect the global environment.”

The TJOY Bluetooth Lightbulbs can be easily and quickly linked with the Tuya Smart App through the Bluetooth link.  While using the app, you can easily adjust the brightness and color of the bulb (with around 16 MILLION color options!)  Another neat feature is that you can also sync the bulbs to music so the bulb can change color and theme with the music rhythm.

TJOY bluetooth lightbulb with tuya smart app

Here’s how you can connect the Bluetooth bulb with the app:

  1. Turn on the phone’s Bluetooth
  2. Turn on the device, and the smart bulb will flash after 3-5 seconds. If there is no flashing automatically, reset the bulb.
    Once the bulb is blinking, open the Tuya Smart app
  3. Click “Find the device”, “add”, “the device you want to connect”, “next”

Overview of TJOY Bluetooth Lightbulb:

  • Control smart bulbs from a long distance using the Tuya Smart app
  • You can control individual bulbs or groups of them
  • Simple one-touch to adjust lighting effects, manage brightness, group control, or turn bulbs ON/OFF
  • 16 million color choices
  • You can choose a specific scene mode and the bulb will automatically adjust the color, color temperature, brightness, etc.
  • With music sync mode, bulbs can follow the rhythm of music
  • To install the Bluetooth light bulb, simply screw the bulbs into any standard E26/E27 light socket. No hub required

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