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Speech Assistant AAC App

There are many augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) devices and apps available for individuals who are nonverbal.  One available AAC app for Android devices is the Speech Assistant AAC app.

Speech Assistant AAC is a text-to-speech (TTS) app that was developed for individuals who are unable to communicate due to aphasia, autism, cerebral palsy, and more.  This easy-to-use app allows you to create categories and phrases, which are placed on buttons.  Further, “With these buttons, you can create messages that can be shown or spoken (text-to-speech).  It is also possible to type any text using the keyboard.”

speech assistant aac app logo

There is a basic version of the app available for you to try it out for free but it has limited features.  If you upgrade to the full version, it is fully customizable and offers many helpful features.

Overview of Speech Assistant AAC:

  • Easy to use and completely customizable to your needs and preferences
  • You can customize your phrases under different categories
  • History for quick access to previously typed phrases
  • Full-screen buttons to show your message in a large font
  • Option to select photos from your Photo Library or Symbols on the buttons
  • The autocomplete feature helps you find your phrases quickly
  • Optional tabs for multiple conversations
  • The size of the buttons, the textbox, and the text can be adjusted
  • The app has various color schemes and you can also create a personal color scheme
  • Button to share your message to mail, text and social media
  • Does not require an internet connection

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