komodo math app

Learn and master math with Komodo app!

Learning and mastering mathematics can be challenging for individuals with or without special needs.  Fortunately, there are resources like the Komodo Math application to help!  

According to Komodo’s website:

“Fluency in math is the perfect foundation for future success.  Tailored to your child’s needs, Komodo develops fluent math skills at home through short practice sessions.  For the struggling, the talented, and everyone in between, Komodo prepares the way for success in high school and beyond…”

komodo math app

The app was developed by qualified teachers for families and is an “effective and rewarding” way of helping your child learn math at home.  It can conveniently be used across all devices – smartphones, tablets, and laptops.  

Overview of Komodo Math app:

  • Helps develop a fluency in math, a recognized foundation for success
  • It is designed to be effective without keeping children on a screen for too long
    • Requires just 15 minutes, about 3 to 5 times per week
  • The app reports back on your child’s progress as frequently as you’d like and allows you to set real-life rewards to motivate them along the way
  • Helps develop concentration and a great attitude towards learning
  • Komodo’s adaptive system allows users to skip an appropriate level once they’ve mastered a topic, so everyone should be able to find it constantly rewarding and challenging
  • Parent dashboard lets you keep track of progress.  With the parent dashboard, you can also:
    • Add your own rewards
    • Change the learning settings
    • Customize your learning plan
    • Invite family supporters
    • Add or remove learners
    • Cancel or suspend
    • Customize app settings
    • Print learning records
    • Add daily reminders
    • Hide app features
  • Ideal for children ages 5 and up!

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