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Sir Linkalot Spelling

Spelling can be challenging for individuals with or without special needs.  Fortunately, there are apps like Sir Linkalot Spelling to help!  

According to its website, this award-winning app improves spelling for students of all ages.  It helps individuals learn how to spell any word they want by watching short, funny animations on the app.  Then users can test themselves and keep track of results.

sir linkalot spelling app logo

Here’s more:

“The app is divided into the five key elements of literacy: spelling, homophones, rules & patterns, punctuation & grammar, and etymology (origin of words). These are categorized into ‘bundles’ with each based on a renowned literary figure. We’re always adding more bundles to the app to expand your spelling knowledge further…”

Unlike many spelling apps, Sir Linkalot Spelling doesn’t rely on kids just practicing repeatedly. In addition to letting them practice, it helps them learn words as well. It does this with a huge amount of animation-based content that teaches children methods to spell words.

Overview of Sir Linkalot Spelling:

  • The animations are concise and entertaining
  • Hundreds of animations guide children to spelling links
  • Multiple choice tests and crossword challenges
  • Teaches the history of words
  • For students who have moved beyond learning phonics and are now expanding their vocabulary

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