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Learn fractions with Squeebles Fractions!

Learning fractions can be difficult for many individuals.  Fortunately, there are apps like Squeebles Fractions to make this task easier and more fun!

Squeebles Fractions is a fun and engaging app that focuses on fractions. Students need to help the Squeebles make cakes for the cake show, by getting stolen ingredients back from the Maths Monster.  The app features four mini-games and a reward scheme to encourage and motivate kiddos to keep playing.

The 4 mini-games are:

  1. Think Big: Contains 2 levels: easier and harder.  2 Squeebles think of fractions.  The player must drag the cake to the bigger of the 2 fractions.  The easy version is great for beginners as it contains quarters, halves, and thirds.  The harder game contains fractions up to twelfths (i.e. which is bigger 4/7 or 6/11).
  2. Tricky Pairs: Contains 2 levels: easier and harder.  Tricky Pairs requires the player to match 2 fractions that equal each other like 1/2 and 2/4.  This game starts to get a little more challenging and players will need a basic understanding of common denominators.
  3. A Piece of Cake:  Contains 2 levels: easier and harder.  In this game, the Squeebles are at a picnic and want part of a cake.  On the easier level, they ask for quarters, halves, and thirds.  In the harder version, the cake is split into denominations up to twelfths.  This is a great intro to fractions for younger children since they are able to simply tap each slice to count up to the right size portion without having to do any computations.
  4. Super Sums: Contains 3 levels: easier, medium, and harder.  Answer 10 fraction addition questions and earn a bonus for getting them all right.  The 2 fractions in each question of the easiest version all have the same denominator, while the hardest version requires changing the fractions to have common denominators. 
squeebles fractions app logo

Overview of Squeebles Fractions:

  • Available for iOS devices
  • A great reward system and storyline help motivate children to learn fractions
    • Win trophies for doing well in games
  • Over 100 cake ingredients
  • Covers fractions from halves to twelfths
  • Set up unlimited players; this makes it perfect for classroom use
  • No in-app purchases, advertising, or web links
  • Aimed for children 7 and up

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