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Mathpid: AI Math App

Last week, I wrote about Squeebles Fractions, which helps students learn all about fractions while having fun.  Another app that can help students with math is Mathpid: AI Math.

Mathpid is an app that incorporates artificial intelligence (AI).  The app analyzes children’s levels, supports their progress, and teaches them new concepts in math.  It was developed for children ages 4 and up.

Mathpid runs an AI-based diagnostic test for new users to establish their current level.  It also creates a personalized starting workbook; it provides in-app and printable exercises for students to practice and complete. 

mathpid ai math app logo

Kids are guided through the app and their learning by a customizable avatar that provides a personalized progression feel.  The avatar helps kiddos feel like they’re getting lessons and tasks matched to their current progress.

Overview of Mathpid: AI Math app:

  • Personalized learning class by AI technology
  • Mathpid’s AI diagnostic test identifies math level with an accuracy of 95% in just 3 minutes!
  • Mathpid’s AI tutor instantly catches your weaknesses so that they can adjust mistakes as you study
  • Use their digital notepad and draw on your device with handwriting, making learning paperless
  • Covers the following areas:
    • Elementary math includes topics like addition, multiplication, subtraction, division, decimals, and fractions
    • Middle-level math includes topics like equations, algebra, BODMAS, proportions, factorization, square roots, proportion, functions, and statistics

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