brailliant bi 20x braille display by humanware

Brailliant BI 20X Braille Display

I recently wrote about the Victor Reader Stream 3 by Humanware, which is a pocket-sized digital media audio player that allows users to enjoy their media content.  Another available product from Humanware is their Brailliant BI 20X Braille Display.

The Brailliant BI 20X is the “ideal” portable 20–cell refreshable Braille display that you can pair with your favorite devices or use with standalone applications.  The Brailliant BI X series of Braille displays are the first to include text-to-speech, bringing you closer to a hybrid notetaker feel.  

brailliant bi 20x braille display by humanware

According to Humanware:

“By allowing you to speak the word under the cursor and announce an unfamiliar word, the text-to-speech feature promotes Braille proficiency, making it easier to switch from uncontracted to contracted Braille…”

Overview of the Brailliant BI 20X:

  • 20 cells Braille display with cursor routing keys
  • Connects to 5 Bluetooth devices and 1 USB device simultaneously
  • Text-to-speech (TTS) – applies to English, Spanish and French system languages only
  • Wake up iOS function
  • Connect to participating online libraries including Bookshare, NLS BARD and NFB Newsline
  • Onboard applications powered by KeySoft Lite
  • Battery lasts around 20 hours

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