gohenry app and debit card example

Keep track of chores and allowances with GoHenry

The best chore apps for children will help keep your family and home organized.  While many kiddos dread doing chores, it is no secret that many will happily do them for an allowance.  Keeping track of chores and allowances can be rather challenging at times.  Fortunately, apps like GoHenry make it easy to keep track of chores and allowances!

GoHenry is a financial education app and pre-paid debit card provider for kids. GoHenry helps teach children how to manage their money, plus it also comes with a customizable debit card, app, and clever parental controls. 

gohenry app and debit card example

Here’s more from the app’s description:

“Young people aged 6-18 can learn about earning, saving, and smart spending with features like automated allowance, task lists, and gamified educational quizzes and videos. Then they can practice their skills in the real world with their own debit card. All while parents watch and guide with flexible parental controls. That’s why 92% of parents say their children are more money-confident since joining GoHenry.”

Overview of GoHenry:

  • Automated weekly allowance teaches budgeting skills and that once their money is gone, it’s gone
  • Make saving a habit with child-led savings goals that parents can lock and unlock
  • Teach the power of earning by sending rewards for completed chores
  • Boost your child’s financial literacy with in-app Money Missions. On average, kids transfer over 30% more into their savings in the first month after completing one
  • Your child can practice their new skills in the real world with their own kids’ debit card—and choose from 45+ designs
  • Your child can learn money management skills by ​​tracking their own cash flow in-app
  • Track your kid’s money with real-time notifications straight to your phone
  • Choose when, where, and how much your child spends—and change your preferences anytime in the app

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