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If you’re searching for an app to help improve your child’s reading skills, check out Read with Ello.  Reading with Ello helps kids improve their reading skills by using interactive books and an attention-grabbing platform. The app pairs children with grade-level books and is easy to use.

One neat feature is it uses speech recognition technology to listen to your child read and offers prompting to help them phonetically sound out words if they get stuck.  Along with a physical reward for their hard work, the app also provides a monthly box of books tailored to the child’s reading level.

read with ello logo

Read with Ello is not a curriculum but would make a wonderful supplement to any early literacy program.  

According to the Educational App Store:

“Ello teaches readers how to decode words and develop fluency by listening to your child read out loud and then coaches them just like a personal reading tutor would. By using evidence-based strategies to help your child when they get stuck while reading, Ello minimizes frustration in readers.”

Overview of Read with Ello:

  • Listens, supports, and corrects like a personal reading tutor
  • Matches up young readers with developmentally appropriate books
  • Monitors children’s progress
  • Kids can earn monthly tangible rewards
  • Physical or digital-only packages help parents match budgets and requirements

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