AM001: Computing for the visually impaired

Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadLinks: This week’s episode discusses tools already built into most computers to help peope with vision impairments. Learn more here: Windows users: Mac users: Read our blog: Follow us on Twitter: @INDATAProject

Disability Awareness Month Feature: Finding Work With Disabilities

We are in the second week of Disability Awareness Month in Indiana. March is the month when we can learn, advocate, and spread awareness about individuals with disabilities in Indiana. Hopefully, we will continue to spread the message throughout the entire year. The INDATA Project’s  Director of Assistive Technology Wade Wingler recently sat down with […]

Google Chrome Launches New Accessibility Features

Google Chrome has launched new accessibility features to allow users to access websites they are interested in. In this video you will learn about ChromeVis for users with low vision to magnify and change the color of selected text.  ChromeDaltonize can help color blind users to see more detail in websites, and gleebox provides alternatives […]

Accessibility features for IBM Lotus Symphony

IBM Lotus Symphony software is an office suite for creating, editing, and sharing word processing documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.  The software is available free of charge, and offers accessibility features to support individuals with disabilities. Accessibility features help users with disabilities to use information technology products successfully.  The following list provides more information about the […]