Gifts for Functionality AND Fun

With the holidays around the corner, are you having trouble coming up with a gift list? Not sure where to start shopping for a loved one with a disability? With this year’s annual holiday podcast special, INDATA offers a comprehensive guide to accessible gifts for all ages. Director of Assistive Technology Brian Norton joins host […]

Hand holding smartphone with Zapvision app

Accessible QR Codes: More Than Dots and Dashes

QR codes are ubiquitous in today’s world. From stickers and posters to TV advertisements and billboards, these quick-scan options have been around for nearly 30 years and are used by almost every company to get people to learn more about a product or service. Companies like Unilever and Coca-Cola are starting to put QR codes […]

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High and Low-Tech Solutions for Limited Mobility

  When thinking about mobility impairment, the image that often springs to many people’s minds is that of a wheelchair. However, even everyday items like Velcro shoes and rolling backpacks — which many people may not necessarily identify as assistive technology — are game-changers for people with limited mobility. “With or without disabilities, we all […]

colorful clevy kids mouse

Clevy Kids Mouse

Yesterday, I wrote about the Clevy Keyguard, which is a keyguard for the company’s keyboards.  Another available product from the company is the Clevy Mouse.   As I stated in a previous blog, Clevy was created because they wanted to make technology inclusive and assist individuals with special needs by providing special solutions for those who […]

purple wintercape on person in wheelchair

Stay warm with the Wintercape

Like I mentioned last week, AgrAbility is a program on a mission to “enhance the quality of life for farmers, ranchers, and other agricultural workers with disabilities, so that they, their families, and their communities continue to succeed in rural America.”  On their website, you’ll find The Toolbox Assistive Technology Database, which features several available […]

clevy hearsafe headphones for children

Clevy Hearsafe Headphones for Children

Last week I wrote about the Clevy Keyboard, which is a colorful and durable keyboard ideal for kiddos.  In addition to different keyboards, Clevy also has other products, such as the Clevy Hearsafe Headphones.  The Clevy Hearsafe is the company’s “durable and sturdy” headphones designed specifically for children.   According to their website: “With high-quality materials […]