kinderboard keyboard for kids

KinderBoard Keyboard for Kids

The KinderBoard is a child-friendly plug-and-play USB keyboard for Windows computers.  It is full of features that make it appealing to both children and educators.  Its simple design and high-contrast layout make it an excellent choice for young learners and those with visual impairments or fine motor skill difficulties. The KinderBoard is different from traditional […]

Person typing on computer with ChatGPT image

ChatGPT Supports Cognitive Enhancement and Learning

Open AI’s artificial intelligence (AI) program, ChatGPT, stands out due to its ability to generate nearly human-like speech responses in a conversational manner. In addition to guidance for individuals who have communication disabilities, ChatGPT can also assist with organization and remembering essential tasks for those who live with memory loss and other cognitive challenges. ChatGPT […]

Screen with Open AI logo and ChatGPT

ChatGPT Makes Communication More Accessible

Artificial intelligence (AI) brings many benefits to the world and has become a powerful tool to help people in a number of different ways — and this is certainly true for people living with disabilities. ChatGPT was designed to generate human-like text responses and engage in conversational interactions. And for people with hearing or speech […]

View of Trello boards

Trello Changes the Way You Work and Manage

Trello is a software tool that is simple and easy to use with helpful ways to collaborate and reminders on projects. For those who struggle with staying on task, this is a great tool to keep yourself accountable. Trello Helps You Tackle Your To-Do Lists Trello is customizable and flexible for every need. With Trello, […]

Child use Eye Can Fly technology on computer

Eye Can Fly Educates and Empowers With Eye Gaze Technology

Learning can be an exciting adventure. The computer game Eye Can Fly literalizes this idea by allowing users to soar across the world, prevent natural disasters and save lives while learning geography and control skills. Eye Can Fly is the world’s first 3D game made specifically for eye gaze use. Control skills come into play […]

Mobility features for iOS 17

iOS 17 Accessibility: Mobility

In this world of increased communication, mobile phones have evolved from convenience items into vital tools. But with all of the hand movement involved in using them, they can seem inaccessible to people with limited mobility. iOS 17’s accessibility features are opening them up to a wider variety of users. When it comes to hands-free […]