eSight 4 glasses

eSight 4 Enhances Vision on the Go

A eSight, a cutting-edge vision enhancement platform, just announced the launch of its latest innovation, eSight 4. This enhanced vision device allows those who are living with eye disease and disorders to easily view the world around them. Most importantly, they can do so at home and on the go. eSight is used daily by […]

iluv bubble gum true wireless earbuds example

iLuv Bubble Gum True Wireless Earbuds

Looking for a new, affordable pair of earbuds to listen to music and more on your computer or mobile device?  Check out iLuv Bubble Gum Wireless Earbuds. These earbuds seamlessly pair to devices using Bluetooth 5.0 technology.  Additionally, you can pair them to your device in one simple step: simply take the earbuds out of […]

homesoap white unit example

HomeSoap – Sanitize tablets, remotes, and more

I wrote about the PhoneSoap Pro just a few months ago.  If you’re unfamiliar, it is a unit you put your smartphone in to sanitize it.  If you’re looking for a way to sanitize larger items like your tablet, remotes, and more – check out the company’s HomeSoap! HomeSoap is a new, larger unit built […]

T Pull door closer

T-Pull Door Closer Makes Door Closing Easy

If you are in a wheelchair, you know the challenges of closing a door behind you. The everyday task of closing a door often involves an awkward and uncomfortable reach that takes time and strains muscles. The T-Pull Door Closer allows those with mobility challenges to close doors behind them effortlessly! This handy device is […]

Samsung Space Monitor Offers Clean Space, Clear Resolution

Looking to reduce clutter and enhance your digital experience with crystal-clear imagery? Look no further than the Samsung SR75 4K UHD Space Monitor. The monitor is hinged to an integrated metal arm into which you can neatly tuck cables when it’s clamped to the back of your desk. This clamp can securely attach to desks and tables of […]

vive personal foot massager

Vive Foot Massager

As I have written in previous blogs, Vive Health offers a catalog of daily living aids, bathroom safety products, and so much more.  One of their available products is their Vive Foot Massager. Vive Health’s Foot Massager helps individuals relax and rejuvenate their feet with a combination of compression, heat, and massage.  More specifically, it […]