The Adapta-Club from Golf Country

As winter comes to an end and we finally start to see the first signs of spring, we will most likely want to be outside more often, soaking up the sun while enjoying various physical activities. This may seem like a natural progression from one season to the next, but for an individual with a […]

Microsoft Ease of Access Center

The INDATA blog is proud to offer information about assistive technology computers and devices; however, we realize that certain  products we feature can sometimes be very expensive or too sophisticated and overreaching of certain individual’s AT needs. The Tech Tip for this week  features equipment for the iMac that comes standard with the purchase of the computer. […]

Simple Solutions: Large Print Address Books and Calendars

For individuals who have low vision or a visual impairment, the successful completion of every day activities may require ingenuity and adjustments for ease of accessibility. This includes many tasks of daily life, including the organization and recording of  certain information. The print in traditional calendars, daily planners, bank account balance books and address books is often […]